Thursday, 20 June 2013

First Week at Camp

I made it!

It has been absolutely manic but I'm really enjoying myself.
Here is a run down of the week.

I flew from Heathrow to San Francisco with four other people from camp and we met a couple of other counsellors when we arrived in San Fran. We then headed straight for camp and dumped our bags, then our directors took us all out for pizza. After pizza we headed to Walmart, which is kind of like a huge Tesco, but without as much food and drink. It has everything from bedding, to camping gear, to snacks, to Guns. Yup guns. There was a gun aisle!

Then we headed back and as all of us had travelled (the english having travelled over 11 hours) we got some much needed sleep.

The first week of working consisted of setting up the camp for the kids arrival and training. We had to do a swim test and then did lots of role-play situations, group games, team-building exercises and had presentations. It's amazing how much goes into setting up a camp.
I am mainly on arts and crafts and movie, so I have been helping to set up the arts and crafts room.

To give you an idea of my first week check out the video on youtube.