Monday, 20 May 2013

Camp America Update: Pre-camp

Vlog numero uno! so I have updated my youtube channel with my first vlog all about Camp America.
So if you would rather watch a video than read, check it out! is my last week at my PR job and then I am off for a week, before I fly. Gosh it has come round fast!
I'm so excited, but the nerves are starting to kick in a little bit. Mainly about money, I have managed to save a bit, but if I want to do lots of travelling after camp I need to do a lot more! In an attempt to make a bit more money I have been selling my belongings at carboot sales. My mum has been amazing, giving me loads of things to sell and helping me out. 

So from doing four carboots and collecting loose change around the house from the last year, I have managed to scrape together £700, which isn't half bad!

I have decided that I am going to take a suitcase instead of a rucksack. I was kindly given a rucksack by my step mum, so I feel a bit bad that I am not going to use it. However most people I have spoken to have said to take a suitcase.

Suitcase Pros:
You can wheel it around (meaning you can also wear a backpack)
It opens easier (allowing you easy access)
Mine has straps, so you can carry it.

My visa is all sorted and I have cancelled my phone contract. I am with Vodafone and they told me to switch to pay as you go while I am away, meaning I can keep my number and then switch it back when I get back. So people can still contact me on my number as well. He then told me to get an American sim and put that in my phone and use that while I am away. I must get my phone unlocked!

I had a trial pack and I managed to get my stuff in, but have realised there are more things to go that is going to be interesting. 

I am sure I am forgetting so many things, hopefully I will think of them before I leave!