Tuesday, 14 January 2014

An American Road Trip

So a little while ago I went on a road trip from the West Coast of America to the East Coast. While on my trip I saw some amazing things and met some interesting people. So here are my highlights.

1. The Grand Canyon
An obvious choice. Honestly great beauties of nature are a bit lost on me. But the Grand Canyon is kind of an 'unmissable' opportunity. It is an amazing site to see, trying to imagine people coming across it back in the day, just on their travels is a pretty awesome thought.

2. Laura Plantation
I am sure there are a few plantations over America, but the Laura Plantation near New Orleans was a great experience. The site itself is in a good state, considering they had a fire not long ago, and the guides did an amazing job at bringing the story of the plantation to life.

3. Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas is a world of its own. It is completely different to any city I have ever visited before. It is completely an adults playground. For me 3 days was enough, but a truly unforgettable experience.

4. New Orleans, LA
Southern people were some of the nicest and friendliest I met along our travels. New Orleans is a crazy place, and the first that I felt history just walking around downtown. The French Quarter was my favourite, make a stop off at Cafe Du Monde for some doughnuts.

5. San Antonio, TX
San Antonio was one of my favourite cities. The riverwalk, although very touristy, is still very pretty. Take a trip to the Alamo, and have a visit to the Buckhorn Saloon - it is incredibly cheesy, but good fun.

6. Venice Beach
Again a pretty obvious choice. But I loved Venice beach. From the crazy outfits and performers, to the stacked gentlemen at the outside gyms. There is something new to see every two minutes! If you decide to get a tattoo while there, as I did, head to Ocean Front Tattoo. They were super friendly and amazing at sketching my design to the way I wanted.

7. Georgetown, TX
Georgetown is a small little town somewhere in Texas. We didn't get to see many little towns and this was one of my favourite places. This is the kind of 'America' you see on TV shows, such as the Gilmore Girls.

8. Panama City, FL
Panama City was brilliant. Apparently it is a Spring Break destination. We went at the wrong time of year and to us it was a sleepy beach town, which was perfect. Que two days of chilling on the beach, good food, friendly people and cheap rooms on the beach.

9. Miami, FL
Miami was everything I expected. We didn't get very long there but it is a must visit. I loved Miami, it felt like a holiday rather than travelling, but it was an awesome way to end the trip, with a bit of beach relaxation!