Thursday, 3 October 2013

Whistler - The Beginning

So I have been in Whistler for almost one month and it has been a pretty good month. I have a job at Splitz as a cashier, I have been living in a flat in the village for the past month and have it for one more, and I have met a few people. 

I still don't feel settled, I think it's because I haven't got a full time home for the season yet, so people have been coming and going and it doesn't quite feel like home. I moved here in September and its a great flat right in the village above Billabong, the girls that were all here when I moved in are really nice and have shown me the ropes of Whistler, which has been awesome. But slowly they have been leaving and new people have been coming in - who are also awesome. A lot of the people I have met so far have already done a year here and are off back home, but I did throw myself out there and just go meet a bunch of randoms on Facebook the other night which was really good fun.

Finding a house in Whistler has proved to be quite difficult. There is a lot of competition for rooms and the rooms that are here, are pretty expensive - and usually shared. I'm not too fussy about sharing a room, I have been sharing for the past month here and the past four months in America, but it would be nice to have my own room for a while! But at the moment it looks like I may have to take anything. 

The snow has started, well on top of the mountain. So it shouldn't be long now until it starts making its way into the village. I could really do with my warm clothes now, which are still in a box at home waiting to be shipped out. The snow is making me very excited, the town is a little odd at the moment as it is dead season, and not many around. However it is quite nice to get in before it all goes crazy.

So back on Craigslist I go, to find my new home!

Check out my video of Whistler so far here:

Lauren x