Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Camp America. California Here I Come!

On June 4th 2013, I will be getting on a plane to San Francisco. 
After years of telling friends and family that one day I will go travelling, I will finally be leaving the country.

First stop is a summer camp in California! I got the job through the organisation 'Camp America' and I would definitely recommend them, they have been incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. 

So June - August will be spent teaching children arts and crafts and photography, alongside other bits and bobs, in Portola Valley. California is always somewhere I have wanted to go, mainly because of The Hills, (I know, I know!) it looks like such an exciting, interesting and beautiful place, and I can't wait to get there! I'm also pretty excited to be teaching and helping kids to have an awesome summer, not to mention spending time outdoors, instead of in an office!

After camp I am hoping to do a bit of travelling around America. I have 30 days before I have to leave the country! So I'm going to use that time as well as possible, to see as much as possible. Texas, New Orleans, LA, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, are all on my hitlist! 

Then following my 30 day trip around America the plan is to go to Canada and do some snowboarding!

I'll update you as I go along, with all the things that I have to do before leaving the country. There's a lot of things to sort out!